FAQ – Google Scholar (GS)

Last update: Aug 31 2006

Which sources does GS index?

GS indexes from the open web and from the proprietary web which means it’s not just peer-reviewed journals getting indexed. Journals, reports, conference proceedings, papers from researchers website, preprint articles, books etc. are indexed. GS does not have list of indexed journal titles with ISSN or even titles. I’ve asked for it in a September – interview with Anurag Acharaya – also has Gary Price at Search Engine Watch recently asked for it and the answer I recieved in the interview was: “We’re working on it!”.

How regulary is GS updated?

“G-S was updated in April [2005] after a 6-month dormant period”, according to Jacso (2005c) .

How regulary is GS updating references from PubMed?

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