Google Scholar went international on Jan 11th when they included the Scandinavian languages Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norweigan. Gary Price wrote 11 Jan in Search Engine Watch Blog that there are just two languages included but when I check all four languages are covered. Check the following screenshots.

Searching kirjasto on

Searching semantiska webben on

Searching uddannelse on

Searching sykepleiere on

When you check the screenshot for Swedish Google Scholar (, you can see the first hit is an article about the semantic web (swe. semantiska webben). I wrote the article for a computer magazine called Datormagazin. It’s not scientific in any aspect and of course not peer-reviewed but it has been cited for example by the master thesis (swe. magisterexamensuppsats) Ontologier i kunskapsorganisation by Irene Granström. Swedish master theses are not considered to be scientific. This is an example of the broad aspect of indexing that for example Peter Jacso criticized in his evaluations of Google Scholar.

The relevance order of the assessed and non-assessed research, low graduate papers , preprint articles and popular science articles etc. is done by the ranking algorithm, but the width of Google Scholar compared to Scopus and Web of Science could be useful if the user’s have the skills to do content assessments.

I also sent some questions to Anurag Acharya:

Lars: Could you give an example on Swedish publishers you work with? (In this case I wanted to know if Google Scolar does cooperate with Swedish publishers publishing works in Swedish.)

Anurag: We are not sharing a list of publishers at this time.

Lars: Did you have any Swedishfluent people you worked with to implement Swedish GS?

Anurag: No. Note however that scholarly articles are remarkably similar in
structure across many languages and most of the issues are common.

Lars: How do you restrict a search to Swedish, Finnish, Danish or Norwegian documents?

Anurag: This is not possible at this time. We may add this in the future.

Lars: Now when Swedish characters å, ä, ö, is implemented will you connect different spellings in author names to same search? Like söderström gives hits also on soederstroem also? It’s not done with rantapää.

Anurag: We have implemented several cases of diacritical normalization. Would appreciate suggestions for others that we may have missed.

Some further questions have not been answered. I will publish them here if I get them answered.