Of course, Google Scholar also has problems similar to Web of Science and Scopus when indexing author Rantapaa Dahlqvist S. When searching via advanced scholar search in author field, the following advanced search operators are returned: author:Rantapaa Dahlqvist author:s and 41 hits.

One of the 41 hits have both first name initials SB. The result also includes 7 hits on author variant Dahlqvist SR. A search on Dahlqvist SR shows on the contrary 28 hits on that variant. And here we find the article that was published in Lancet and was misspelled in Web of Science as Dahlwvist SR.

In contrast, a search on Rantapaa-Dahlqvist S without ää returns just 35 hits(!).

Trying to search misspelling Rantapaa-Dahlquist S returns no hits while same misspelling with ää Rantapää-Dahlquist S returns 2 hits which are not included in the Rantapaa Dahlqvist S search of 41 hits.

But searching Rantapää S returns 43 hits included misspelled rantapää-dahlquist.

But this is not all. Searching Rantapaa SB gives one more hit not included in the 43 hits or 41 hits mentioned before. Such a mess!

Let’s try some other authors. Searching author:sojka author:p also returns hits of P Jakubus Z Sojka. This means that all first name initials with P and all surnames called Sojka are searched with this syntax.

To get refined matching, use quotation marks like this: author:”p sojka”. But still the problem exists that you have both pa and pe sojka. To exclude Paul E Sojka you could write: author:”p sojka” –author:”pe sojka”, but still you can’t be sure that all p Sojka records include just PA Sojka. And to find records by PA Sojka you can’t add it like an OR-statement. Didn’t work for me. You need to do a separate search: author:”PA Sojka”

And it’s not possible to a make limited search to address. But, as you may already have learnt from previous postings, author address search in Web of Science and Scopus is too inconsistent to suggest as a valuable method for refining your author search.
It is also worth noting that if you don’t restrict an author search to the author field in advanced search or with advanced search operators you will get hits where the author name exists in the fulltext of the articles which Google Scholar indexes parts of.

Conclusion: The same problems with author search as in Web of Science and Scopus exists in Google Scholar. And as I said in a previous posting, a proper publication list from the author is the best way to be sure to find every important article.