When searching for an author in Cited Ref Search, my recommendation is to use the Cited author index which makes it possible to browse authors. When searching Rantapaa in the Cited author index you get 7 author variants as seen in the screenshot:

As we learnt from the previous posting Rantapaa Dahlqvist search test in Scopus we also have to try the author variant Dahlqvist SR. Two additional author variants are found: Dahlqvist SR and Dahlqvist SRR.

In contrast, browsing Author Index via General Search gives 8 author variants when searching Rantapaa.

And browsing Dahlqvist S gives three author variants: Dahlqvist SR, Dahlqvist SBR and Dahlqvist SRA.

Searching all these author variants both in Cited Ref Search or General Search doesn't retrieve the article published by Rantapaa Dahlqvist S in Lancet. Why? Searching the article title "New concept in Echocardoigraphy" gives the explanation. As seen in this screen shot the author is misspelled Dahlwvist SR.

And as we know from the same author test in Scopus, both PubMed and the original electronical article from Science Direct have interpreted the author correctly as Rantapaa Dahlqvist S(olbritt).

These are all author variants found in Web of Science:

From Citations:

Rantapaa S
Rantapaa SB
Rantapaadahlqvi S
Rantapaadahlqvi SR
Rantapaadahlqvist S
Dahlqvist SR
Dahlqvist SRR

From articles:

Rantapaa Dahlquist S
Rantapaa Dahlquist SB
Rantapaa Dahlqvist S
Rantapaa Dahlqvist SSRD
Rantapaa Dahlqvst S
RantapaaDahlqvist S
RantapaaDahlqvist SB
RantapeDahlquist S
Dahlqvist SR
Dahlqvist SRA
Dahlqvist SBR
Dahlwvist SR

Conclusion: Although this is an extreme example I suggest to use author index to check for possible misspellings. Having a proper publication list is recommendable.